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Search Engine Optization Services

SEO is part science and part art. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it’s based on two main parts: On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

On Page SEO

On page SEO is usually what you do yourself on your website or blog in order to enhance the traffic. It is the first thing that every Webmaster should check into. On page optimization is an ongoing process with constant revisions of the site to improve and maintain a particular ranking. With this method, the role of keywords or search terms that the user might type carries a prominent ranking. The areas that need to be address would be page titles, headings, images and even the domain’s name.  When enhancing your on page SEO, all these elements must be as friendly as possible on the search engines.

Let’s take a look at some of the important on page optimization techniques:

Optimizing the Title

Taking the time to formulate an effective title on you page is extremely important. The title tag should be a short but detailed, which will help the visitors find out about you or your business. Getting the title tag just right can help to get your page indexed in the appropriate place and position. Your title should be assembled well enough to attract users in search of the specific information.

Meta Tags

Meta tag is a brief description about your site, its focus on the topic and the services you may be providing. It is important to distinguish yourself from other websites appropriate title, keyword and descriptions of what you have written.

Content writing

Having great Content is an essential to drive more traffic for your site. Updating your articles on a regular basis with engaging and targeted appropriate information, increases the rankings of your site. Good content is vital for every part of you business presence.

Keyword optimization

Making sure that the keywords that are important to your product or service are added to you content.  Example of keyword can be “SEO Expert Corona” or “Lake Elsinore SEO”. You are making the keywords relevant to your content and adding too many where it is not necessary can get your website penalized.

Web page linking optimization

Proper link constructing improves your site’s high quality. There should be useful external and internal inbound links to secure high-ranking from search engines. Links should be used from a credible and unique site.

Optimizing Images

Optimizing your images can help you in your on page SEO efforts. You can start fixing the file size and loading speed associated with an individual image as well as proper file naming. You want tag you images, because search engine spiders only read text not images.

Off Page SEO

Unlike your on page optimization, off page depends upon other webpages to promote your site. Off-page optimization deals with link building.  It’s an ongoing process that requires other websites to link to your site. The more other website link to your domain the more priority Google gives to your website. By obtaining high quality links, you will make your site potentially rank higher. Strategic link building increases traffic to your website and gives it a good position on Google.

Off page SEO is a mixture of social media, link building and social book-marking.

Linking Building

Ranking your website can depend on the links that are built to your site. This is where link building comes into place. Links built should be of quality and should be from sites that have a good reputation. Adding external links for your site can increase the quality of your site and help it rank higher. It is not the volume of links pointing to your site that is important but the quality of them all. You need to have links from websites, which are rated highly.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is important in getting your site noticed and accepted by your audience. It seems as though most every business has some type of social media account like Google + or Facebook. An effective social media marketing campaign will make your business more attractive and engaging. This will give your company a social connection to your customers and prospects.

Most of these methods require some level of expertise and strategic planning. Each factor has to be research analyzed and broken down to the level were it could be duplicated.

Although there are many more factors that will constitute off page SEO, getting these basic factors are a start to getting your website ranked to the desired position that will benefit your business.

Social media marketing is almost like marketing you products and services in a trade show. The only difference is that it is done over the internet. When you are involved with Social Media Networking you are opening yourself up to opportunities to display your company to potential clients and customers. Just like a trade show your are putting yourself out their to connect and find different resources that will help your business move forward.

Involving your business in Social Media opens your company up to new audiences. You’re looking to get right in front of the audience that is begging to do business with you. You want to know whom you‘re talking to so that you can have a conversation that will peek their attention. Just like in a trade shows you will establish better relationships and fully understand who your audience is through your social engagements with them.

When you get involved with social media you essentially want to understand your audience through the research that you will uncover with the contact you have with them. They will give you all of the answers to the questions you didn’t know to ask. You will collect information that will tell where your audience is online and how you can better connect with them. Your social platforms like Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, Google + Areas, forums and others can help you be right in front of your audience having the conversation they want to hear.

Once you have figured out what your audience does, you can start relating to the same issues that they are passionate about. You can participate in the their interest and share what they are putting out or sharing themselves. By doing this you have found a common ground to have a connection and build a relationship. You collaborations with common interest, which will allow for a business relationship that would have never been there if you did not have a connection through similar interest. This can also be an amazing tool to find businesses to join forces with.

Putting information about your company or being interested in what your audience has to say is simply not enough. You must provide something of value that may have nothing to do with what your product or service. There are a lot of companies showing the same type of interest in your target audience as you are. You have to distinguish yourself and entice your audience to visit your page. Although you may be the better company, the company that get its prospects attention wins. You have to show your audience something of immediate interest so that they can come over and visit and in turn find out more about your company.

Social media’s magic is very simple, when you put engaging content out there, and have something of interest to offer, the audience and those of influence will strengthen your message and share your articles to an even larger audience.

So you know that having something interesting to say or do will attract the influencers and your target audience. Now your question might be how do I get them to visit me and spread the word about my company?  Creating a conversation with them, become interested in them so that hopefully they will become interested in you. With social media you are trying to get yourself into what we call in the physical world, networking parties. You are trying to have conversations, mingle and make new friends and acquaintances.  Once you have interested people and businesses you can introduce them to your engaging content, and hopefully they will check out your profile and click the link to your website.

Now that you have their attention keeping their attention is as important.   You can continue to keep their attention by using social media to send strong messages on twitter, continuing the conversation by exchanging email addresses or keeping in touch by phone. You can tweet about their content or presentation or use social media and regular moods of communication to keep the relationship fired up.

Just like in trade shows and networking parties the most active and engaging companies are the ones that get the most leads. When it comes to social media the same activities apply. Strategically representing your company through the social platforms available will get you the leads and client that you’re aiming for.  Being active, engaging and a company with good conversation will get you the well-deserved representation and branding that will attract the audience you want and the influence that will give you the power to spread the word about your company.

Web Design

The fact is that a beautiful website can keep your visitors coming back and helping you get the conversion you desire. We as human beings love admiring beautiful things. We are prone to staring at things that catch our eyes and make us appreciate it. Appreciating something online is not excluded from what human nature tends to value.

If you want your visitors to stay and take action, you have to give them a reason to stay. A website also needs to meet the requirements of all devices. There is no point in having an eye catching design on your website if it does not respond to every device your visitor may us. Using a personal approach, implementing ease of navigation and a strategy for organizing your information will enhance your visitors’ experience.

Guiding your visitors to action also helps in the conversion process. It is best to measure the results of your design on visitor flow and conversion by focusing on effective images that converts visitors to customers.

Having consistent beauty throughout your website, a nice user experience as well as beautiful images of staff, your products or services, will draw your visitors back to your well designed and easy to use and update using a powerful CMS website time and time again.